Gift More Energy To Your Consumers, Not Your Marketing Bubble

Gift More Energy To Your Consumers, Not Your Marketing Bubble
Photo by Greg Bulla / Unsplash

Last week, I wrote about brands' place in people’s minds and hearts. Hmmm ... not a front seat by any means.

How is it then we came to believe the opposite? Could it be because we live in our comfortable marketing bubble? I wrote this post for my bubble.

Knowing that spending more energy outside this bubble is what you want to be successful in marketing.

Outside the bubble are normal people.

Outside the bubble is your consumer.

She/He is the audience you so much want to pay attention to your messages, engage emotionally, and purchase your products.

Normal people do not read AdAge or MarketingWeek; normal people do not go to Cannes, nor listen to Scott Galloway’s latest Marketing Bubble Podcasts. For sure normal people do not read my blog.

Normal people do not talk about the virality effect of the Burger King mold ads. They rarely see these types of ads.

Normal people might be aware of Kaepernick Nike’s work, but do not discuss it endlessly. By no means model it as an act of courage from the company. They just see it as another message from the brand they sometimes or more often decide to purchase.

We spend our energy building our brands and our careers at the same time.

We try seducing consumers with our brand messages, but at the same time show our worth in gold to our marketing tribe. Because this is what lands us that new role or promotion.

Time is a finite resource, but the more we spend chasing tribe fame, the less we have to focus on those we need to seduce more: our future brand users.

Just be aware of that trade-off.

Towards whom are you directing your energy today? The normal people or your marketing bubble?