About Me

Hi! My name is Sorin Patilinet. I am a super curious engineer who wanted to be a marketer. And did so!

My life journey started in Bucharest, Romania, gaining an education in Telecommunication Engineering and then immediately following my true calling for Marketing.

I live now in Brussels, Belgium, with my lovely wife Felicia and our two fantastic kids: Emma and Sebastian.

Professionally, I lead the Mars Marketing & Sales Communications Lab. We create the marketing and sales capabilities of tomorrow at the intersection of human sciences, data & tech, and consumer and category insights.

I spend my time advising global and local marketing & sales teams on media, advertising strategies, and in-store executions that lead to brand and category growth.

I often speak at industry events and consider myself very active on LinkedIn.

I am passionate about discovering new business concepts, simplifying complex theories, and understanding why people think and act the way they do.

I love emotional advertising, chocolate brands, indie-rock music, stoic values, miniature trains, and real airplanes.

3 Goals/Projects I Am Working On Right Now

  1. Build the Engineering Marketing personal brand = 1) building up this blog and writing regularly 2) speaking at marketing industry events, and 3) connecting with like-minded individuals.
  2. Follow my passion for understanding how people think and deep-diving into Neurosciences and AI applications to business and marketing. There is something about this space, not yet fully developed, with lots of opportunities and potential huge potential. It’s the Metaverse of Consumer Research.
  3. Measuring Brand Equity in a novel way. After completing Mark Ritson’s Mini MBA, I became interested in understanding the intrinsic value of brands in today’s data-reach marketing world. I am curious about how to measure brand value in a modern way, to drive actionable business changes rather than simply observing a trend or asking people what they “think”.

Inspired by the curiosity of Derek Siver’s – Now Now Now post