Articles Published

My media portfolio contains a selection of press articles I wrote myself or contributed to. Publications like Business Insider, The Drum, DigiDay, and WARC featured my work.

I write about creative excellence, the role of consumer attention in optimizing advertising, and best-in-class marketing strategies. I am always open to collaborations and features, that help marketers make better decisions today and tomorrow.

  • WARC White Paper on Building a Culture of Effectiveness - WARC - June 2023 - link
  • WFA appoints new Insight Forum chair - WFA - December 2022
  • “Salary Survey 2022: Marketing asserts its strategic power” – MarketingWeek – February 2022 – link
  • “How Mars Measures the Emotional Impact of Video Ads” – Marketing Dive – September 2021 – link
  • “Introducing ACE the Mars Ad testing tool” – Business Insider – August 2021 – link
  • “From Attention to Action” – The Attention Council White Paper – March 2021 – link
  • “Mars’ neuroscientist explains the two-second online engagement rule” – The Drum – October 2020 – link, pdf
  • “Use Negativity at your own peril” – The Drum – September 2020 – link, pdf
  • “You get 2 seconds to engage consumers online” – The Drum – August 2020 – link, pdf
  • “Mars sees potential in attention metrics” – WARC – June 2020 – link
  • “Why Mars is more interested in measuring attention, not impressions” – Digiday – March 2020 – link, pdf

Speaking Engagements

I was honored to be invited to present at numerous industry events and conferences over the years. Some presentations are available in the public domain and can be watched by clicking the links below. For others, get in touch with me.