Advertising + AI = Love

Advertising + AI = Love
Photo by Andrea De Santis / Unsplash

AI is everywhere.

Funny to think that just last year, we were all expecting Blockchain and the Metaverse to transform our lives fundamentally. And how easily we changed the discourse and shifted to AI. But this time, the trend has more legs: it is here; we all have some experience using machine learning in the past years, and a killer app like chatGPT made the technology available to everyone at their fingertips.

It's hard to write about AI without becoming outdated fast. The adoption, opportunities, and threats all shape more quickly than I expected. But I will give it a try, finding ways to write a timely piece about AI in Advertising.

Will AI steal our jobs? Maybe…but that's not the point here.

The fatalist mindset won't help you overcome something you can't physically conquer, something so abstract and endless in possibilities.

Will AI make our jobs easier?

Yes…and here are three proven ways to use AI as a good friend today:

  1. Start using AI to write better briefs - writing a solid brief is a superpower for any marketer, whether research, media, or creative brief. Yet, most of us don't allow the time to write one that is concise, insightful, or SMART (specific - measurable - achievable - realistic - time-bound). AI can help in many ways, by crafting a checklist of what you should not forget, by rephrasing your boring language into a more expressive one, or simply by formatting the document into a more readable format - think visuals and try Stable Diffusion together with chatGPT and Grammarly.
  2. Start using AI to empathize with your audience - "The consumer isn't a moron. She is your wife." - David Ogilvy used to say. We laugh about the quote, but still, we use our personal lens to quantify how consumers think about the world. And that's a considerable bias. AI solutions can help you empathize with your consumer target. Try simple queries in chatGPT about your product category and Gen Z or any other population segment. You will undoubtedly be surprised. So - think chatGPT and go down the rabbit hole.
  3. Start using AI to make better decisions - from tools that simulate eye-tracking measurement, preferences, or attention, to tools that forecast winners of your A/B testing webpage design, everything dreamable is out there. The marketing research industry will be fundamentally transformed by what is currently in development. All to help you make the right business decisions. Learning about these tools is as essential today as learning about qual and quant was when you started working in marketing research. - think RealEyes, Dragonfly AI, CreativeX, Vizit, and many more

No AI tool was used in writing this post. But the temptation was high🙂

I tried several times to see what chatGPT would say but failed to find originality. But it's just the start of the love affair.

So far, I see AI as a companion that helps me brainstorm high-level ideas and ensures I see an issue from many angles. What was your experience so far?